The University of Southampton

Biomedical Engineering (Electronics) Taster Course

25-29 July 2022, course fee £299 (reduced rate and full bursaries available)

Learn about the new and innovative health and wellbeing technologies that biomedical engineers create, from AI assisted diagnostics & digital health systems, to rehabilitation technologies and implantable sensors. We will teach you how to design and construct a biosensor and analyse its performance, collect & analyse your own muscle movement signals using neural networks, and build a heart rate (ECG) sensor. You will also learn about miniaturised “Lab-on-a-Chip” diagnostics and smart signal analysis for wearable healthcare.*

*COVID-19 Policy

We accept that our best-laid plans may have to change as a result of the ongoing pandemic. We are committed to running a safe and enjoyable course.  

  • If we decide to cancel the course, you will receive a full refund;
  • If we decide to change to online delivery, you can choose to either 1) cancel and receive a full refund, or 2) attend the online course and receive a partial refund for the difference in course fee;
  • If you are unable to attend due to government guidance at the time of the course (e.g. a requirement to self-isolate), you will receive a full refund.

Studying at Southampton has been a truly incredible experience – there are so many opportunities and facilities that you have access to.

Lydia Moore - MEng Electical and Electronic Engineering with Industrial Studies, 2021

What is Biomedical Engineering (Electronics)?

Biomedical engineers design and create new technologies to solve medical and healthcare challenges created by an ageing population. Within this field, the intersection of state-of-the-art electronics and biomedicine is leading a revolution in new digital health solutions, intelligent home monitoring and smart biosensors.

My favourite parts were getting a real feel for what uni is like, making new friends and going to interesting lectures
Past Taster Course Attendee