The University of Southampton

This year we will be offering two course pathways: Enhanced and Global: 

We are happy for anyone to join our global course as its free and open to all. It will give you give you the opportunity to find out more about these exciting subjects through a series of talks and lectures. 

Our enhanced course provides a more practical version with activties and challenges to work through with mentors, an indepth experience of the topics as well as the lectures and talks available. 

Enhanced Course Entry [This is now closed. Please register for our free global course]. 

Spaces for the enhanced course are limited. In order to gain a place we would require you to: 

1. Meet Entry Requirements as stated in (How to Apply). 

2. Fill out an application form 

3. You will be asked to identify two modules which you would like focus on. Your first module option will provide an 'intensive' course experience whilst the second will be a 'lighter' taste of subject. 

  Enhanced Course Global Course
Cost £35 Free
Keynote Lectures Included Included
Practical problem solving tasks in groups with mentors/ advisors (approx 1 advisor to 10 taster course participants). Included Not included
Certificate of completion for UCAS Statement and CV sent to you by post Included Not Included
Virtual Campus Tour Included Included
Talk on degree courses Included Included
Neccessary Materials posted to you (for biomedical electronics) Included Not Included
Access to Course Mentor for Advice and Support Included No Included
Elidgibility for ECS's Zepler Scholarship Included Not Included
Access to Course Facebook group which is supported by ECS staff and students (before, during and after course) Included Not Included
Access to Course notes after the course is completed Included Not Included