The University of Southampton

Electronics Engineering Taster Course

If you love maths, physics or science, this course will enable you to apply your skills to electronic engineering. You will work in groups, investigating and designing solutions.

On the Electronics Engineering Taster Course you will have the opportunity to live (a virtual!) life as a university student and enjoy a busy programme:

  • Try your hand at experiments 
  • Learn about our teaching and research from our globally renowned lecturers
  • Get to know our current students (virtually)
  • Meet fellow students (virtually)

No previous experience of electronics is needed as you will have lots online mentoring. However, if you already have good skills in these subjects you will get the opportunity to extend these skills and apply them to new problems.

What is Electronic Engineering?

Electronics is the use of electricity to communicate, compute and control the world around us – from the processor in your phone, to the intelligent prosthetic arms that allow amputees to lead a normal life. Electronics is an engineering discipline and is underpinned by mathematics and physics. These are applied to designing and inventing cutting-edge products and systems.